Searching For Solace

by Skyon

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released June 3, 2015

Written by Skyon
Produced/Engineered by George Mackenzie
Clean vocals Produced/Engineered by Dave Petrovic
Mixed/Mastered by Declan White

Artwork by Rhys Bennett



all rights reserved


Skyon Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Searching For Solace
I've thought this time after time
After so many years
I keep questioning the same thing
Over and over again
Will I find a way out?
Will I find completion?
Or were we just never meant to know?

They tell you for their agendas
Question everything you know
Realise it's propaganda
This is not the end

To never know the reason
I'm living a life in vain
Searching for Solace
To always think I know better
And never be listening
Now I'm Searching for Solace

It's time to move on
I can't keep walking in circles
I'm trying to understand why
We make mistakes over and over
This is not the end

To never know the thought of completion
To always think I know better
And never be listening

We'll never find meaning together
We'll always be searching forever
Track Name: WYSIWYG
Pick up the pieces
Fragmented oaths on the floor
Made up of broken words false promises
I always this feeling
You'd change your ways
And prove me wrong
But once again you've left us in the lurch

What you hold onto is turning into dust
Because all your friends are lost

I've been waiting for his to all come to an end
Over your destruction
They say ignorance is bliss
One day you'll have to admit
That your all alone

I don't see a man but a sheep in wolves clothing
Your former disguise had everyone fooled
I'd love to give u a taste
Of your own medicine
I'd love to see how you look
When the poison kicks in
But I'll never act on this
I'll never turn into you